Trombone: Craig McNichols was born in Wyoming to a family that was part of the Irish immigration wave in the early 1960's. Craig's lifelong connection with the trombone started in the 4th grade when he was the only student fascinated by its "strange" appearance. By the mid-1980's he had arrived in San Lus Obispo, studying and performing music at Cuesta College. In 1989, he graduated from Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo, receiving a Minor in Music and a B.S. in International Business. Like the others in Royal Garden Swing Orchestra, he is a fixture in the Central Coast music scene, performing in such bands as: Cuesta Jazz, No Deadwood, Noodles, SLO Mambo, GOZA, Salson and Gruvething. Along with playing in bands, he is a songwriter and will sing whenever he can talk a Band Director into "lettin' the trombone player sing".